More stealing...

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More stealing...

( ) You're born in April
( ) You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
( ) You're a born leader
(x) You love drawing and you do it well
(x) You love singing (only in private)
(x) You don't take shit from anyone
(x) You're afraid of needles
( ) You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
(x) You've got siblings and you love them
( ) You're the oldest child
( ) You've dyed your hair an awkward colour
Total: 5

( ) You're born in July
(x) You play the guitar
(x) You've got a scar on your head
( ) You can't swim
( ) You've got a FRO!!!
( ) You're 6'1"
(x) You're shy
(x) You wear contact lenses
( ) You're called mastermind or the quiet genius
(x) People do/used to laugh at You
Total: 5

( ) You're born in September
( ) You play bass
( ) You've got asthma
(x) You're near-sighted
(x) You wear glasses
(x) You feel an urge to stick a fork into a toaster(i only did it cos of mikey :P)
(x) You're seen as the lil kid/brother/sister of your family or mates
(x) You're the youngest sibling
(x) You're the skinniest in your group of friends (might be...?)
( ) You've put a heater IN the shower
Total: 6

( ) You're born in October
(x) You're the most hyper of your group
(x) You rattle on your guitar
(x) You're short
(x) You love tattoos AND piercings
( ) You're younger than all your friends
(x) You think homophobia is gay
(x)You mess with your friend's head
(x) You are seen as immature
(x)You always have a pair of finger-less gloves on.
Total: 8