Sometimes luck is the best thing there is

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Sometimes luck is the best thing there is

That amazing feeling when something good happens, and you have no idea what you did to make karma like you. That is what luck is.

Sometimes, you do all the right things, and karma doesn't grant you anything in your favor. "Unlucky" people just have it that way.

People, luck doesn't exist. Things purely given to you for a purpose, if you deserve them. There's nothing that's going to fall into your hands if you sit around and do nothing.

Personal story:
I became friends with a couple of people based on something we had in common. We were always together, the three of us. Always talkin' and chillin' with one another, etc.
We always stood beside another when we faced things like guy problems and over stress on final exams.
This week, I found out that one of the three planned a cinema outing for just the three of us, and it purely because they became comfortable enough with us that they took our friendship to the next notch: best-friendship xP We all worked to make the friendship work, and it was rewarded with this outing :)

I can never thank my friends enough for the chance to be friends with them lol. I was alone, and they were there :)

Luck doesn't exist. Karma has everything in control.

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