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Ah. They come to Canada again!! BUT... I will sadly not be able to see them. Not only do they not come to Calgary, but they won't be in Alberta at all -.- kinda makes me depressed. A lot of very nice fellow Killjoys have suggested I go to the Vancouver one cause some people are getting together some sort of bus trip thing to see them, but even if my parents would allow it... I will be in Saskatchewan at that time... so it just doesn't work all around! But I am glad I was able to see them in April. I will just sit patiently and wait till they have another tour :) *dies*

On another note, I got a smidgen of inspiration and I am determined to draw Gerard and Mikey. I printed off a picture just now and I will try to work on that!! ^^

Any who. Off to exams and other such lovely events!!

'Stay Beautiful, Keep it Ugly!' Peace fellow Killjoys!!!! <3

-Chemical Skeleton

ps. the picture attached is the one I will be drawing!