MCR Heart-breaking News

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MCR Heart-breaking News

I seldom write any comment, coz I think it hardly be read from numerous comments. This is the first time. As a loyal fan of MCR for so many years, I can’t help myself to share some feelings even though no one matters. And hope they may take a glance on a grain of sand on beach.

After knowing that sudden heart-breaking news, I was so shocked sad. It was terribly sad for no more great music, or even news from the lovable ones.

Music is a therapy for the broken souls, to express your own feelings and not to let misery to destroy yourself. Somehow, I always feel that it’s not only the therapy to me, to fans, but also to the band themselves. (Or I imagine too much, that, Gee was so sad, and is happier in recent years) MCR music is less dark and happier than before. Perhaps it’s the time to end, its therapy purpose is done. The dark age is gone, they walked pass it. To rethink it, should it be a good news to them? To open a new chapter of life with a brightful blue-sky. No matter where they go, I wish there must be a place with blessings, happiness and peace.

Still, to me, personally, is such a great loss with no more new music. :’(
Perhaps Gee will gonna be a cartoon/ animation writer? MCR my cartoon romance….lol

Excuse me for my poor English, as I am not a native speaker.
And It’s such a memorable show in Hong Kong, once in lifetime and never more. Sigh.
And I shook hand with Gerard at the backstage, now how I regret I washed my hands!!!