An update from the studio

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An update from the studio

Hello Friends,

Are you finally ready for some good news? Let me hear you say, "Eh, OK but make it quick".

Well my darlings, as I sit down to write to you, we are in the studio working on a brand new song. Ray's laying down some guitar tracks and I must admit, it's kicking my brain in the pants. I can't wait for you guys to hear this stuff, the songs we ended up writing this past month are so far advanced from where I thought this record would end up, it's not even funny.

Let's put it this way... say you had a time machine, and used said time machine to go back in time 1 year, found me, and played me some of the songs we just wrote. I would absolutely say, "you're a liar, and a full blown crazy person"... partly because the technology of a time machine doesn't really exist, but mostly because these new songs are light years ahead of our creative head space last year.

What a journey this has been, arduous at times, but always resulting in the band reaching new heights. Which is how it should be with a band that is never satisfied with just "good enough"...if it doesn't change the game, it isn't My Chemical Romance. You as fans shouldn't expect anything less. It feels as though everything we've ever done has been leading up to this moment. Like our entire lives have been a drill preparing us to stumble upon what Gerard has been referring to as "the new shit god-dammit."

So lets get down to it, with these new songs, or "the new shit god-dammit", plus the songs we've written over the past year, we basically have enough material for about 2.5 records now. However, we feel this past month has raised the creative bar so high that only the best of the best can live in harmony on the new record. But who knows...down the line, some of the songs we wrote over the past year that don't make this record could possibly surface again as b-sides or fun movie soundtrack stuff. I think it would be kinda rad at some point to have you all hear the songs that led us to our new found creative enlightenment. Either way, I just wanted to keep you all posted and let you know the record is coming along swimmingly, and we're working hard on making it the best we possibly can... can't wait to wrap it up and give it to you.

OK, good news part 2 of 3: I don't know if you knew this, but I like taking photos, and I've been taking quite a few pictures over the past months, trying my best to document the recording process. Some of which came out really good, and I'm pretty proud of. Recently, we've decided to take a few of these photos and share them with you in a really cool way. The past few days I've been staying up very late hand stamping, numbering and signing a set of 6 very limited art prints that will go up for sale on this site in the near future. The art prints will be released 2 per month for 3 months and are limited to 200 each. In the meantime, 2 new pics are up now and we will be posting new shots that aren't included within the print set in the photo section every week. So keep checking the site for the release of these prints and the posting of new photos from the My Chem inner sanctum.

Last, but certainly not least, I am proud to announce the addition of two new members to the MCR extended family. Recently, my wife and I found out we will be having twins later on this summer. I cannot express in words how happy this makes us, it seems everything's turning up Milhouse. I just can't wait to meet the little ones, and may God have mercy on the world now that there will be 2 more Ieros wreaking havoc on the earth.

Until next time friends, let us drink to peace, love, and never taking any shit off anybody.