Limited Edition Photo Sets 1 and 2

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Limited Edition Photo Sets 1 and 2

Hello Friends,

It's time to unveil the first 2 installments of our limited edition photo set. My intention with these prints is to allow you to own a small portal into the creative life of the band over the past year.

From my eyes to yours, moments you may hear on your stereo later this year but would otherwise have never been witnessed. It's an experiment in slowing down the speed of sound, allowing you to view the action months before hearing the reaction, and time to imagine what these images will sound like. I hope you enjoy viewing these memories half as much as we did making them.

Print #1 is entitled "vocalocity", it is an image of Gerard taken in the spring of this year laying down vocal tracks in Los Angeles. There is something magical that happens when Gerard enters a vocal booth, some of my favorite images I've ever captured are of him doing just this. He has the rare ability to convey emotion, ideas, and movement through his voice and It happens to please the ears quite a bit...he sings well...get it?

Print #2, "timing is everything". This image is of my favorite guitar player, Ray Toro, laying down tracks in Los Angeles around thewinter of '09. The amount of passion and intensity Ray puts into every note he plays is matched only by his level of skill. He makesengineers duck and cover and guitar players weep with envy. In the real world he's a nice guy who likes gadgets, but when there's a guitar involved, Ray Toro is a god.

These photos are very limited and, in order to cut down on slimy Ebay-ers, will only 1 of each print will be available per person. You can buy 1 of either print for $30 or bundle prints 1&2 for $50. If you are a registered user you will be notified before anyone else and recieve first crack at obtaining these prints. (*hint hint if youre not, sign up now!)

Check back next month for installments 3 & 4.

Until then, peace, love, and anthropophobia. xofrank