Uh... Any Ideas?

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Uh... Any Ideas?

I'm gonna type this really quick cause I'm freaking out so sorry for any typo's.

Basically I'm constantly paranoid that someone's following me, even in the house and when I'm in my room it feels like someone's staring at me. And now I keep thinking I'm hearing things but I can't tell exactly what they are. Normally it sounds like scrapes and bangs, sometimes it's just a jumble of noise. I also keep thinking I'm seeing little white dots fly around the room and I keep thinking I'm seeing shadows move... it gets worse at night and even in the daytime I'm scared to open my curtains or window. I also sometimes think I hear moans and I hear loud screeches in my left ear, like static screeches.

I just want to ask if anyone has any ideas of what this could be a sign of, if it's just me being stupid like my parents say, or things I can do stop it.

I'm only posting this now because it's the worse it's ever been tonight, so any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! <3

~Flying Cupcake xo