Sooo... College Choices...

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Sooo... College Choices...

Okay maybe it's a little early for me to be thinking about colleges since I'm only in year 9 but we had a Careers Information Evening at school today where all the colleges in the area come and we talk to them about what courses we want to do and what our ambitions are in life and they tell us about the available options there, so it's on my mind right now.

Since I first started really, seriously wanting to get into a band/the music industry (i.e, not just for something to use up spare time with friends), I was interested in this one particular college. I went to my sister's house after school to help her with college work (she just needed to interview me about video games) and both her and her boyfriend said that the college I was interested in was shit, and, in my sister's boyfriend's words, "if you wanna get robbed and stabbed, go there." To be honest, I can see his point. The place where the college is located is quite a shithole anyway, and I know there are a lot of gangs there. My sister, of course, recommended the college she goes to.

I spoke to 5 different colleges (one wasn't a college, it was apprenticeships, and one didn't do music courses so), and of the 5 I have to say the one that my sister goes to sounds like the best one for me. Not only is it closer to me (within walking distance) and I know the area around there a little better, but unlike the others who just gave me a leaflet and told me about open days at the college and rough ideas of the courses, the representative for that college actually spent a good 10-15 minutes talking to me in detail about other courses I could do alongside my music as vocational options, so if I decide later on that I just want to keep music as a hobby or if the whole music thing doesn't work out for me, I have some extra skills that I could fall back on and use as a career.

I've got a good 2 years to think about my college choices though, and who knows, maybe in the year 10 Careers Information Evening (yes, I have to do it again next year), I'll get to speak to more of the colleges and get a better idea about all of them, and might change my mind. But right now the college that my sister goes to definitely sounds like the better one for me.

For courses to take at the college, I've figured I'll take Music Performance, Music Technology, Creative Media Production (Print Based Media), and some form of Art or Graphics, alongside English, Maths and Science, which are compulsory by law. But, like I said earlier, there's still plenty of time for me to ponder about my choices.

Anyways, I've got a lot to do and a lot of college brochures and booklets to read, so I'll go now.

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