All I've got left is my life (PLEASE READ) ...and um moo and stuff

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All I've got left is my life (PLEASE READ) ...and um moo and stuff

ive lost so much
my hearts been taken from my soul
i can barely hear my crying
through the aching moans
of the ones left behind
so ill write down this song tonight
and maybe we can forget
the tragety that has come today

if i could turn back time
i would kiss you goodnight
and take with me the light lost in my eyes
ill never let these memories take me down
or destroy my soul
you can never take me now

i watched as my loved ones died
in my hands couldnt save them
im sorry for times ive let you down
but i have to go and continue the life
ive started right here right now

i cant let go of what deep inside
ive got to keep going
and push forward
on and on
ill go to the end
with this sword and gun kept in my hand
ill never let go
ill keep trying
i wont stop now
though im dying
ive got nothing left but this life
so ill use it to fight them all off tonight

best ive ever written sang it out and i swear if i had a band this would be our single also its half based on this zombie roleplay ThatPoet53 she and i co wrote Mission Revenge and its sequel Saving The Black Parade so yeah thats all for now