KickAss ch8

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KickAss ch8

50 cal's P.O.V

I sat on the bike behind Nicole, or Kat as they call her as we headed back to their headquarters. I kissed Kats neck and could feel her whole body shiver. I smiled and continued to watch the way to their HQ. After a couple of hours we pulled up to a old diner. The trans am pulled up along side us and they piled out. Nicole jumped off the bike and pulled her helment off and her black hair fell on her shoulders. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jerked forward. " Calm down brother, I don't bite." The red head smiled and walked inside the diner behind the rest of them. " Brian, are you hurt, do you need any med work done or anything." Nicole smiled and hugged me. I could tell this was going to be super easy. She had missed me so much she would do about anything for me. " No babe, i'm good." I said with a smile. "What happend to your blonde hair and why do you dress like a freaking goth, emo kid?" I asked angerd that most of her beauty had vanished sense I had last seen her. "You don't like it. Well I can change if you like and dye my hair back. It is kinda annoying always having to re dye the roots." She said with a smile. " Yes and you should probably go do that now." I said as I kissed her on the head. " Ok well, you can go inside and hangout while I go to the bathroom." She said with a big smile as she pulled me into the diner. She skipped off to the bathroom and I slipped back out the door before anyone could notice I was in the diner. I walked far off about a half a mile away and pulled my phone out. I dialed Korse's number and the phone rang.
"I can bring her tomorrow"
"Are you sure"
"She trusts me to much to question anything I say so yes tomorrow. She will be at the B.L.I gates"
"Very well done, Brian."
The phone hung up and I stuck it back in my pocket. I walked back to the diner and walked inside. I stood in the back and waited for Nicole to finish. " Come sit new friend." The one with the fro said as he patted a seat next to him. I sat down and smiled. " So what happend to your team." I looked up and the short guy had his arm around a girl in one of the booths. " Dracs attacked us and they all died but me." I said as I turned away. " Sorry, that must be hard." The red head said. " Yeah, totally" I said as I rolled my eyes then faced them again. " I am super tired, where is Nicoles room?" I stood up and waited for someone to answer. " Down the hall." The red head said with a smile. I walked out of the okwardness and made my way down the hall. I found her room and laid down on the bed. It was true, I was tired but I stayed awake till Nicole came to bed.

I opend my eyes just a little and a blonde blue eyed girl was staring at me through the door frame. She walked over and sat down next to me. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She ran her hand through my hair then laid down next to me. I rolled over and put my arm over her waste. Her breathing slowed and I could tell she had fallen asleep. I soon followed.

FireKat's P.O.V
I felt Brian put is arm over my waste and I felt the heat from his body. I fell asleep fast and awoke early. Brian was still asleep so I slipped out from under his grasp. I smiled and skipped off to find my black bag. When I opend it my heart fell and then crumble to the ground. My stuff, it was gone!!!!!!!! I ran to find the guys but no one was anywhere to be seen. I found a note on the dorr and ripped it off super fast and began to read.
Left earlier, didn't want to wake you and Brian.also barrowed some of your stuff. Hope you don't mind

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. My stuff was safe, and so was everyone else. I felt arms wrap around my waste and turn me around and I fell into a kiss. " Morning" Brian said in a deep smooth voice. " Morning" I replied back.
"Where is everyone?" Brian asked as he sat down. " They left and probably won't be back for a couple of hours." I said with a smile. He ran his hands through my blonde hair and i giggled.

50 CaL P.O.V
It ws perfect they where gone, and we where alone. I dug through my pocket and found and found what i was looking for. I grabbed Nicoles hand and pulled her ontop of my lap. " I have missed you." I said with a smile. " I have missed you to" She said as she turned around and kissed me. I pulled her hair off her neck and kissed her. She closed her eyes and I pulled the drug out of my pocket and shoved it in her neck. Her eyes shot open then she fell limp in my arms. I smiled and puled the needle out of her neck. Soon she will have lost her memory of the killjoys and come back to B,L,I with me....
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