morning coffee thoughts 4

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morning coffee thoughts 4

SPARKLEJOY MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this mornings blog is mostly going to be questions about your morning routine

So my first question is about the thing that makes these blog happen . How do you take your coffee(and if you don't drink coffee what is you morning beverage of choice)? My 2nd question has to do most people's next step (it's more mine but what ever). What websites do you check first in the morning? Now my last 2 questions have to do with one if the fine steps. How long does it take you to pick out what you are wear that day and what do you keep you cloths in?

well i guess i should give you my answers to my own questions

1) coffee cream only (most of the time the cream is milk).

2) the websites i check in the morning are my email, facebook and some others.

3) it does not take me long at the most 2 mins and i keep all my cloths in a laundry bag cuz i can.

and on a completely unrelated note i never know weather or not to put a space between a parentheses and the words that are going in it

ok i ranted longer then i needed to anyways HAVE A SPARKLEJOY DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!