A fan's letter

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A fan's letter

It is the first time that I'm writing for you guys.

I know you probably don't have time to read or answer me, but I have so many things to say... Since I don't know how to contact you, I thought that the best way of sending this letter was going to your website.. I promise I won't take long.

First of all, MCR was the most epic band in the world. I am not saying this just because you guys split up. On the contrary, every word here comes from my heart.

I guess no one expected this would happen, not so soon. I know it's been a long road. 12 years of albums and support is not meant for everyone. And still, you could make it through.

MCR had one of the greatest fan groups I've ever seen. All the songs, all the interviews, all the concerts, everything was inspiring. We cried and laughed together.

I had great times while listening to your songs. Since I am not north-american, all I could do was follow your career by far away. I've never had the chance of going to a concert of this band - and this is the saddest part. Because I know this is not going to happen anymore.

All I can do now is cry and sob. I don't have the will to do anything else except think about all this time and ask myself "why?"

I promise I won't suicide or anything else. I just wanted a simple answer, or anything that could comfort me. I know I'm just another fan. I know I'm not special at all, but I just wanted an answer.

MCR will always be a part of me. Thanks for everything. It goes without saying that every member of this group is a great person, and I'm sure of it.
I hope you guys continue to be this way. I will always remember you.

Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank..

Thanks once again.