The wives of the members of MCR (otherwise known as women I respect with my whole friggen heart.)

We all know that we look up to each and every member of MCR, but does anyone else (I'm sure a lot of you) look up to their wives, too? I'm just gonna go through the list and why I respect each one of them so much.
Christa Toro: Though her personal life is kept..well...personal and I do not know what her occupation is, I cannot help but admire her for her sweet personality. I have read many of her tweets and seen many posts where a lot of people have met Mrs. Toro, saying that she is extremely sweet and kind hearted. I admire that she does not make a big deal of the fact that her husband is so successful and that she continues to live a very private, normal life. (I admire this about all the band members, also.)
Lindsey Way: Not only is Lindsey an amazing artist and musician, but she is a strong, independent woman. She holds her own and is a great example for..well...all females. The story about me hearing about Lindsey (or Lyn-z, as her stage name) is actually quite funny. I had started listening to My Chemical Romance, and then a few months later, I found the band Mindless Self Indulgence from a recommended video on my side bar. I listened to their music and watched a bunch of their lives shows and thought they were absolutely AMAZING. I loved watching Jimmy Urine get into the music, and their bassist was equally as entertaining and talented. I looked up the members of the band and found, who would've guessed, Lindsey Ballato. I became a little...well, a little fucking obsessed. She was so talented, so free spirited, so energetic and enthralling that I had to know more about her. I researched her a bit and found out that she was no longer Lindsey BALLATO, but Lindsey Way. I thought to myself "That sounds familiar...what the heck." So I looked up Lindsey Way instead of Ballato and it said: Bassist of band Mindless Self Indulgence, artist, and wife to the My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way. I freaked out a little. It was wonderful :) But yeah, the main point is that Lindsey Way is an independent, strong, talented and inspirational woman that I look up to and respect with my whole heart.
Jamia Iero: Wow, Jamia Iero is a beautiful, (seemingly, since I've never met her) kind, strong, just...okay just awesome woman. She seems like a great woman, an amazing mother, and wonderful business woman. She is co-founder of Skeleton Crew Records and apparently is a huge part in the running of the company. She is a great inspiration to girls everywhere, if not just for her career and great family skills. (Whatever I write here I'm just assuming from what I've read and researched. I've never met any of these woman unfortunately, but I hope to meet at least one of them some day :)
Alicia Way: Though I'm not exactly sure what is going on in her and Mikey's relationship, and I will not judge her or him without knowing the full story (and none of us do), I still can't help but admire her. She is a tough, strong woman who seems like she can hold her own. She is an ex guitar tech and musician, so she is also talented, and she is extremely smart (she loves paleontology and volunteers at the la brea tar pits on occasion.) She definitely has muscle and love for wrestling and she one phrase: she can hold her own.

I totally respect these women, not just because they are married to some of my heroes, but because of their own personal accomplishments. I look up to them. :)