We're just getting started, motorbabies.

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We're just getting started, motorbabies.

"My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. I always knew that, and I think you did too. Because it is not a band - it is an idea."

My Chemical Romance will never die. Like Gerard said, it is an idea. It is a system. It is a creation that has been shared with hundreds of thousands of millions of people, and it's become a part of them in the process of discovering this creation.
This band was important to all of us. Every single one of us. Some of us were just drive by fans, where we'd listen to their music every other day, say they were pretty good, and watched a music video of theirs now and then. Others (like me) were die hards. We know every single lyric to every single song, we listen to their albums on repeat when we feel sad, we watch interviews in hope that something knew will come about or just to cheer ourselves up by watching our heroes talk about their experiences.
The MCRmy is a community. It is not just a fanbase. We all love each other, despite what we've done in the past or the mistakes we are yet to make. We are all there to listen to each other when we are struggling or when we are thinking of making a stupid choice. We are there to talk and joke around, to cry with each other or laugh. We are there to share our mutual love of the beautiful, real idea that is My Chemical Romance.
Back to what Gerard said: My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. This is a message, at least it is to me, that though My Chemical Romance may be done in the sense that nothing new will be coming about, it is not done in the sense of their music and their message, because those will live on forever.
Obviously the recordings are nothing compared to the live performances. "We were spectacular." It's true. They were spectacular, every fucking time. Even when there were mistakes or 'clunkers', gear failing, Gerard's voice blowing out, someone was sick or injured, they were spectacular. They were real.
They were My Chemical Romance, and they were worth your full attention. Because on that stage, they were speaking for you. For me.
They screamed to the crowds filled with members of the MCRmy, proclaiming that it is OKAY to be yourself. That there is no one you should rather be. Because you are beautiful. You are human. You are real. And all your quirks, all your problems, even your depressions and your failures; that's what makes you, you.
They let you know that it's okay to be fucked up, because there were four guys up on that stage that were just as messed up as you.
They made you feel like you weren't alone. That you weren't a freak for being depressed. That if you ever felt: confused, lost, anxious, wrong, wronged, unclean, angry, ashamed, curious, used, that was alright. Because the band you were about to see, that you were about to hear, was going to make you feel the romance.
My Brutal Romance
My Beautiful Romance
My Miserable Romance
My X-Rated Romance
My Harlequin Romance
My Innocent Romance
My Scandalous Romance
My Selfish Romance
My Childish Romance
My Watercooler Romance

My. Chemical. Romance.

This band helped me, and so many other people through so many tough times in their lives. They were there as a friend, a constant that would always be there with a piece of music that could be applied to every single aspect of your, at the time, shitty life.
They were a friend, whether they knew it or not.
I sure as hell have had plenty of times in my life where I was literally friendless. No one to invite over on the weekends to play with, or now, in my highschool life, hang out with. No one to sit by at lunch. No one to talk to.
And then I discovered My Chemical Romance and they were there, every step of the way.
They were there after my dads accident, when I was still handling the aftershocks. When my dad recovered and decided: hey, I don't really care about my kids all that much, so I'm going to treat them extremely rudely and go on business every week so I never see them. They were there for me when my grandpa, my hero, had his first. Then second. Then third stroke. They were there for me when my mom had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the living room and I was the only one around to see it, to comfort her. They were there for me when I got into some 'bad habits' that only made things worse. They were there for me when I tried to take my life a first and then second time. They were there for me even when I finally got some friends, but I felt like I couldn't talk to them because I thought they'd get scared off if they knew about my problems. They are there for me now as I'm getting teased and made fun of and hurt by all the assholes at my school. They are there for me now as my dad seems to become more and more distanced. They are there for me now, in my confusion about my sexuality. They are there for me now, and for always and forever. Because they are My Chemical Romance, and no, they are not just a band.
They are an idea that will forever be ingrained in our black little hearts and in our fucked up heads.
Be prepared to feel the Romance.
My Chemical Romance.
Because this is not the end.
We're just getting started, motorbabies.