Today really didn't go my way, accept for the part where my dad looked like a stereotypical mobster from the 50's

So today didn't really flow in my favor today. I didn't go to bed until about 12:30 ish last night (morning?) and then woke up around five to shower. I got out of the shower and then got yelled at by my mom to hurry up, so I did and ended up getting my entire school uniform wet down the front. I also couldn't find my black skinny pants so I had to wear my fucking khakis....ewww...
Anyway, I got done with my shower and shook out my hair (kinda like a dog...whatever) a couple times, fixed the parts that were overly crazy with my hand, and then shrugged and left it wet, tangled, and unbrushed. But I didn't really mind, that's my hair everyday. The only thing I hated about it was that it was five in the fucking morning.
My morning continued to get worse when my sister decided that yes, she actually wants to eat breakfast this morning even though I skip it like...everyday, so we left the house around 7:30 (school starts at 7:45) cause she wouldn't get her lazy ass out of bed and she apparently wanted the award for World's Slowest Eater. So we left for school and half way there I remembered that we BOTH left something at home that we needed that day so we had to turn around, drive back home, grab our shit, and go.
Then school went on and it was boring as fuck, but I was looking forward to having an ortho appointment because even though its dental torcher, it gets me out of school. So I take my pass up to my science teacher and he goes:
"Welcome back Mimi!" Thinking that I had just walked into the class, when I'd been there the whole time. So I responded, "Um...actually I...I have to..I'm supposed to leave." So he laughs, and so does the whole fucking class, and I'm standing there turning red and he says, "Oh sorry, I just didn't notice you." I just nodded and walked out of the classroom. I get down to the office, and not a minute after I get into the office, the secratary lady picks up the phone. And who is it? My mom, saying she was stuck working and couldn't take me. So I had to walk back into my same classroom that I had just embarrassed myself in front of and say my mom bailed cause she was working at our Church. But I just walked as slowly as possible to class and walked into the room. The whole class was distracted, and I just went back to my desk in the back.
The rest of the class my teacher didn't even notice that I'd come back in. Am I seriously that invisible? O_o
Then the rest of the day went on and everything was blah. And now I'm here.
Oh and the other part of the title, the thing about my dad xD
So my dad is 50% Italian, my Papo (my grandpa, but we call him Papo, always have, always will.) is 100% Italian, his parents had come on a boat from Italy to New York and then they moved to my town in the middle of no where. But anyway, so my dad has that dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin thing going on, and today for his work clothes, he wore a charcoal pinstripe suit with a white shirt and black tie. I looked at him and instantly thought: FIFTIES MOBSTER HOLY SHIT!
And I forced him to put on his black fedora hat, and he literally looked like an Italian mobster straight out of the 50s xD it made my day :)
But yeah. Pointless blog is done. LOVE YOU ALL!