She's gonna be gone for even longer....

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She's gonna be gone for even longer....

So, yesterday we canceled my mom's flight home for Saturday.
She's probably going to be gone for about another half or full week, depending on what all happens with Jimbo.
I miss her. I know it's really bad, but I don't like my dad much at all. He's not a great parent, short temper, uncaring, a workaholic, but he has his nice moments, too. But blatantly, most of the time he's just an ass to all of us.
So I miss my mom (will they give me the chair? sorry, I had to.) more than I could even care to admit. I'm gonna be biased and make a bold claim here: but she's one of the best mom's in the world.
All of this shit I'm writing is just a jumbled mess, so here's a poem I wrote when I was feeling extremely furious a couple nights ago:

An emotion for another feeling
A worried tear traded for an angry bite

A stream of furious words
Careless eyes
False pride and practiced speeches.
Nights filled with nothing but cold
No warmth to the flood of young veins,
No comforting embraces.
Just lonely days of boredom
(At least, on the outside.)
Minds filled with anxiety
Brains buzzing with panic
Swimming eyes and aching lungs
Both yearning for a sign that their company is wanted.


There is no sign to be aware of.
No signal for assurance.
There is nothing there for the neglected youth to take
But they're giving everything they have
Because they promised to behave.