This is literally exactly how I feel about my town. Gotta love Green Day and connectable lyrics.

It just seems like my city, my small hometown, is just....sheltered. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and I shouldn't be complaining, but it seems like none of us really have a grasp on reality. It's always so safe here. The only time there's major trouble is downtown, and that's not even major trouble.
It just seems that we all lie to ourselves, make this city seem OVERLY perfect so we never want to leave. Everyone seems all fake smiles and manufactured cheer, making our small community seem like a model town, and while it is a safe, 'family friendly' city, we're not perfect.
My town is one of those towns where everybody knows everybody, gossip goes on 24/7, and if you're even the slightest bit different, they make you out to be like a fucking alien.
Our town is also extremely Catholic. Each church is filled to the brim with parishoners, and the citizens of my city make religion out to be the most important thing in the universe. Follow Gods law, or you go to hell.
Sure, they can work with the differences or disagreements some people have with the Catholic faith, but they're not ACCEPTING.
That's it. They don't accept change.
My city is traditional.
That is all. Sorry for this pointless rant about nothing. I shouldn't even be complaining about my town. Sometimes I just feel extremely claustrophobic in this place, and its hard to handle sometimes.
Carry on.!

xoxo, Mimi