Is it horrible that I'm somewhat obsessed with the topic of the Italian Mafia O_o

It's just so INTERESTING. I know what people in the mob do is awful, the organized crime that has killed so many people and ruined lives, but the topic is just extremely fascinating. With a grandfather whose parents literally CAME from Italy (though I myself am only about one fourth Italian), I guess it just...I don't know.
Just the organization of it all, how INTENSE it is. The plans and the Dons, the cops they have in their pockets and the hit men....(who, oddly enough, my grandfather on my mothers side {who is actually not Italian at all} has rumored to my oldest cousins that he had an Uncle who worked as a hit man for Al Capone. Not that unbelievable since my moms dad grew up, born and raised in Chicago.)
It just all is extremely interesting to me. There's so much on the topic that can be researched and dug into.
I know it originated in Sicily, the first Italian Mob in America having immigrated from the city.
Many of the hit men, both past and present, have their own style of offing whoever the Don has them sent to.
It's awful and horribly disgusting and inhuman, but it caught my eye. Maybe because they were all so animalistic. Maybe because they were all so clean cut, because they could feel almost no remorse.
I don't know, but I look at Al Capone and Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello and I think: Man. These guys were horrible, horrible people at points. But they were still people none the less.
I wonder what it was like for them.
I don't look up to them or anything, hellll no. I just think their lives, everything that goes on between locked doors, behind desks, through cigarette and cigar smoke, past the haze of alcohol.....its...fascinating.