Happy Thanksgiving! Some things I'm thankful for....

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Happy Thanksgiving! Some things I'm thankful for....

My Chemical Romance: Their music has helped me so much in the rough patches of my short life, and I'm hoping that they'll continue to help me through the years. I'm so thankful for everyone in the band, making this wonderful music to give and share with the world <3

Paramore: I was a fan of Paramore before My Chemical Romance. They were like a sneak peak into the genre which I would later fall head over heels for. They were my first and foremost favorite band, and I am thankful for them because of their amazing music, and because without them I probably never would have found My Chem.

Music itself: Music has given me life, really. No music, no life. It has become part of me, and I thank any God out there for giving this ugly world music, because when everything else in this earth is trying to drag me down, music is the one thing that lifts me up.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving U.S. MCRmy, and don't forget to be thankful.