The world is ending, what do you do?

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The world is ending, what do you do?

You just heard on the news the world is ending next week because of a comet coming towards the earth and there is no way to stop it. The military has tried to redirect it with missiles and "new technologies" top secret with no avail. The earth will collide with the moon sized comet and life on earth will end, but will also cause the earth to lose its orbit and the earth will be hurled into the sun.

What would you do on your last days?

Personally... half the stuff I would do would be crazy, but as soon as the comet hit the earth if I wasn't already dead I would have to say I'd kill myself with some spectacular method.

I think the first thing I would do is try to protect myself and my gf from all the people who would be trying to do cruel things to people. The world would literally go insane and very few people would survive the first few days after the announcement. If anything the government would try to cover it up until we could see the comet appearing as a second moon that was getting larger each day.

Comment with what you think you would do.