So much pain and hate and torture..

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So much pain and hate and torture..

I understand that their are two sides to this coin but why can't we just live happily with each other. I try to understand it all and I feel like I am part of the reason itself.

But when I look at it all again, I see that I can be something so much greater. I want to be one of the people who can help others through the dark times. I want to spread inspiration to live free and peacefully but also be honest about it all. No one really knows whats going on why try to hide it.

Why are we walking around in life acting like we know why everything happens but we only do as we are told and walk through the world like everything is impossible for us and we can only do so little.

Why don't we follow our dreams? Because we are often in the wrong place. But not so much this as we are different from everything else around us so we stand out. As the saying goes, the nail that sticks out gets hammered.

So we try to be something we are not and this can cause us to lose ourselves. But who are we? Who am I? What are you? I am an able body that can do many things, I just need direction to achieve my dreams, but which direction do I go? How will I survive the trip? Can I do it? How have humans survived so much yet we are so immature as a world society?

If everything is like it is how come their is still so much suffering and why are we still destroying things as a solution? Why don't we use creation to solve our problems? Why is food.. FOOD! Of all things, so expensive? I spend almost all my money on food and I still don't eat enough, I am a very small person.. how is it that I can't eat as much as I should? I don't know whats going this world at all.. why is starvation a problem? Why does our educations consist of, "Do this and if you don't listen to me your wrong." I may not be very well educated so it makes me ignorant I guess but I watch things around me closely I have seen and been through so much and I just don't get it. WHY ARE WE STILL SUFFERING! I can't understand why parents don't want to see their kids, or how someone can be so selfish as to kidnap the child and run away. I can't understand these things but they must have a good reason I don't think anyone really knows whats going on and when people become criminals its usually because they have been through a life where this is what it is or according to scientist its a chemical thing.

So if thats the case then the entire thought on religion is just a chemical thing that has out bred and populated in peoples minds through constant education of it. When you take a lie and its passed on for so long it eventually becomes the truth. Not saying religion is a lie or anything I am just saying I don't get it but here is an example.

A long time ago there was a tree that could speak to humans. This tree was the only tree that learned to speak on a frequency humans could understand. The only problem was nobody spoke tree. So they ignored the tree and it forever just sang its song to nobody. Then one day a boy came up to this tree and ask, "Tree why is your song so sad." and the tree spoke back to the boy, "Because humans can't seem to look past themselves to understand the perspective of me. They kick me, they climb me, they cut me, they bruise me, I stand here and bleed and I do not mind as in time I will heal, I will out live them but still I am here. I sang for a girl who lost her love, I sang for a boy who lost his toy, I provide homes for the birds and food for the squirrels. I've seen things disturbing as well. I've watched through the years as these building were formed, I've seen more and been through more, but I have never left here. I only wish I could know of what goes on over there, I can see that the distance is great and my children have spread far, but they are lost not knowing my song, they will only know their own and I will die and never be known."

"Thats a lot for one to say tree, please be kind to my time, as I do not live as long and what may be seconds for you are years for me." The boy spoke back.

Well, my point being that the two have a different perspective of things. Don't be betrayed by your own views when the views of others can be more informative. Imagine doing something new. And don't ever feel like you are wrong but respect someone else and just agree that you both have different views.

Life would be so wonderful if I knew there were more people who cared about all that goes on. Instead of letting others assume they know what our people want or let these people brain wash thousands into believing that people can be evil.

Evil people are created not born.