An Insane Artist

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An Insane Artist

I am not going to put in any special code because I don't really care. I only wanted to say that MCR has saved my life. But also has helped me figure out how I am going to escape the fate given to me.

I also wish so much I could talk to Ray Toro I don't know much about you except that you have inspired me to do something I didn't know I could do and that's play music.

I have always been trying to find something I was always writing and I am always writing but I wish I could have done more. Music is going to be my way to help the world. I am tired of this pain. I am determined to reach my dream..

One day I will be on that stage and I will tell my story about how My Chemical Romance and Music saved my life.

BTW- House of wolves... TOTALLY Sounds like Rock Lobster... if you play the song from "Family Guy" when Peter Griffin sings "Rock Lobster" over the "House of Wolves" track, it goes perfectly together almost except for the high and low on the 3rd set i think... I am not that great yet.