FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 24

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FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 24

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This shiny black GTO, pin stripped in purple and red down the top, finished with a “NA NA NA NA NA” painted in bold yellow along the sides, raced out of Battery City. Inside the ride, upholstered in sweet brown leather, a black leather fingerless gloved fist grips the pistol grip shifter. The bumpin' stereo system blastin' the sounds of the wasteland's favorite station of choice. A red laced purple and black Chuck Taylor pushes heavily down on to the steel accelerator. The engine revs up lifting the front end.

Going up the leg, wrapped in ripped black skinnies, stitched in white, is the word 'Destroya'. Moving past the white midriff top and on to the face of this beautiful young woman, wearing intimidating Aviator sunglasses. We see Thrill Killer, driving this fabulous ride.

She looks in the rear view and notices she is being followed. 'No worries.' She thinks to herself as she revs the engine more, speeding away. But she isn't the only one in the wasteland with a beefy ride, the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W aren't about to let this one get away.

The chase car starts pulling in closer behind her. “Damn it, they just don't give up,” she said to herself. She pulled out a steering wheel lock from the backseat as well as a brick. She knew the road was long and straight and her GTO could practically drive itself, infact, she was planning on it. She locked the steering wheel into place and set the brick down onto the accelerator. She popped the trunk release and began to climb out the window. Making her way around to the trunk she lifted the cover and climbed inside. Who ever was driving that beast behind her was in for an earthshaking surprise.

She hoisted up a AT4 Rocket Launcher and took aim at the car. “Boom baby,” she said as she fired the rocket at the car. The explosion was intense, she could feel the heat of the explosion on her face. The fire reflected off her aviators as she watched the flaming wreckage flip, crash, and burn on the side of the road. She tossed the spent cylinder out onto the road and made her way back into the car.

'Just another night out in the zones' she thought to herself with a smirk on her face. Self accomplishment, well done.

She was making her way back to the hideout. She wasn't sure if the rest of the team made it out, but she wasn't ready to stick around and get dusted off by some blood suckers. Her night was already shitty enough, her arm was still bleeding from the cut she received, and the fact that she hadn't had anything to eat but rancid Power pup for the last week wasn't doing her stomach much good either. She was fucking hungry, and hoped that there would be some real food when she got back.

She drove on for about an hour, and started thinking about her past.. She immediately shook away the thoughts and decided it was time to pull over and call it a night. She can finish going the rest of the way in the morning.

She walked out into the desert, “I am really glad no one is out here right now..” she thought to herself..

She started walking back through the desert to her car when she tripped over a rock in the dark. “Ow. Damn it!” She said loudly. A rustling sound was heard in the bushes...

“Who's there?” She said calling out to the night.

The sound of padded feet came running up to her quickly, a snarling savage coyote was hoping to get himself a nice meal.

With that wicked smirk and quick kick, “DOWN BOY!” She was just faking, she knew that these damn coyote's would try to take advantage of a helpless girl. It got back up and lunged at her again, she grabbed it. One hand on its jaw, the other on the back of its head. The poor coyote didn't stand a chance, it yelped and whined. Thrill Killer snapped it's neck. She was going to have her meal tonight.

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