FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 20

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FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 20

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Violet Sky finally made her way through the crowd just as the first song ended and was transitioning into the next.

“Hey!” Violet Sky grabbed the shoulder of Satellite Bullet.

“HEY BITCH! BACK OFF! THATS MY MAN!” Satellite Bullet said fast knocking Violet Sky back and onto the ground.

“Oh Shit!” Satellite Bullet chuckled, “Sorry love, didn't see you there.. What brings you way out here?”

Even more pissed off than before Violet Sky gets up in blind fury and rushes at Satellite Bullet, slamming her back into the stage.

“Uff.. Nah uh!” Satellite Bullet drops an elbow right into the back of Violet Sky, knocking her down again.

The crowd clears away, the music slows down as the band gets curious about what's going on..

“Umm, can we get some security over here or something?” Gerard says over the mic. The club security was already there picking up Satellite Bullet and Violet Sky.

“FRANKIE NO!! I LOVE YOU!! PLEASE!!” Satellite Bullet screams out, kicking and hitting the huge security guards, it doesn't phase them.

“Do you know her Frank?” Gerard says looking at Frank confused. Frank shrugs and looks at Satellite Bullet as she is hauled away.

“NOO! CALL ME!!” Satellite Bullet calls out to him as they are taken out of the building.

“Put me down you asshole! Put me down!” Violet Sky says as she beats on the back of the security guard. “Uhff,” she is thrown to the ground outside.

With fire in her eyes, Satellite Bullet stomps toward Violet Sky, “You...” She scowls, “This is your fault!” She punches Violet Sky right in the face as she gets up knocking her back down. She pulls out her purple Mark-24 laser gun and points it at Violet Sky, placing one of her neon green doc marten's heavily onto Violet Sky's chest.

“M-My Fault..” she coughs, “If you didn't show up and act like a complete bitch I wouldn't be out here in the first place.”

The fire in Satellite Bullet's eyes turns to cold steel, “What did you call me?”

“Here use the Machete!” Machete Rose tosses her machete to Satellite Bullet who catches it with one hand without looking or even taking the gun off of Violet Sky.

“I should just end you right now..” Satellite Bullet says as she draws the machete toward the throat of Violet Sky.

“You're such a fucking Bitch and wish you would just.. DIE!” Violet Sky kicks her foot up hits it to the ground, firing off the Griecko Thunder Bird hidden in her boot.

“LOOK OUT!” Grenade Doll cries out. But Satellite Bullet was already two feet away and two steps ahead of Violet Sky. The shot missed and Satellite Bullet was already dropping the machete down to cut the head off of Violet Sky. Violet Sky quickly rolled away and got back to her feet drawing her Mark-23. But just as both Satellite Bullet and Violet Sky went to shoot each other. Three quick blasts knocked both the machete and the purple Mark-24 from Satellite Bullets hands, as well as knocking Violet Sky's Mark-23 from hers.

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