FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 1

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FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 1

“Look alive sunshine..” The radio statics into reception of Dr. Death Defying.. Another day, waking in Zone Negative One...

The negative zones are a sanctuary for us who are against the BL ind. We have lost our homes, and our true lives. Hunted down by those damn blood suckers. We can only hope to build our lives up again here in the Negative.

Who am I? Heh, does it matter? I might as well just be called Dirt. Because thats all I am to those who live safely within Battery City. Life within the zones to them are considered sanctuary. With all their glorious shops to buy anything they need, their drugs that keep them stable, and their jobs.. in which they work for hours on end, no breaks, no future, nothing.

We are free out here in the Negative, we don't follow the rules of the BL ind and we just live and try to be in peace. The S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W wishes us dead though, calling us vermin. Saying we pollute the environment with ideas that are against theirs'. We just want to be free, without the rules, to be happy, without the prescriptions, to live without the need to feed their cups with our blood.

The door slams open to an empty room, soldiers march in to search the home. “Check everything, these rats know how to hide.” One of the soldiers says, but you can't tell which, they all sound the same. The only thing that is alive in that room is the radio playing the sweet sounds of music from the pirate radio station still supplying our ears with hope from the Amazing Doctor Death Defying...

So here I am, wondering the wasteland for another hole to dig out and set up camp. I am still pissed that I had to leave my radio. Shit, those things aren't cheap. No, I don't mean they cost a lot of money, I mean they cost parts, sometimes even blood. Maybe I can run into a couple of scoundrels out here in the desert who have a broken one, or maybe even some Merchs who are willing to cut a deal. I don't have much since that was the second time just in the last week that the force has found me. I wonder if they have a crow on my tracks. Damn it.. Ok.. Calm down.. its not that bad. I just need to be more careful.

Wondering through the blazing heat the sand stinging my skin, even with all these clothes it seems like the wind picks up and cuts it to shreds.

“Looks like I am gonna have to upgrade to some new leathers soon.” I say looking at the hole in the side on my torso where it must have caught on a loose nail when I was escaping.

I look to a tree that still seems to want to stand, a sign of false hope, a life force and will power so strong that not even the fact that it's dead is enough to knock it down. I know this tree, it marks the direction of zones and for some reason only has two branches, one pointing straight to the center of Battery City. The other, well it just points, somewhere off into the wasteland. People have legends about it pointing to life somewhere beyond the wasteland, but if there is life out there.. No one... ever reaches it.

I climb up the tree to get a better look over the desert, partially blind from genetics and sand blasting my eyes I can make out some dark movements in the distance. Watching the patterns of their movement I can see that they aren't a hostile force, but just a wondering family, probably giving up the fight and heading in to conform... To become BLIND...