Corporate Slavery: You love it!

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Corporate Slavery: You love it!

I am trying to learn all the different things I like, including computer programming. But its difficult to do something when you are the only one around you who wants to do it, or even respects you for doing it. It just seems like I live in a place where no one cares about anything. They are happy with their jobs at Wal-mart, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or whatever large corporation minimum wage job. I hate corporatism and capitalism, it has destroyed everything. Sure, I like the idea of individually run and owned businesses, but they shouldn't be allowed to expand and kill people with "minimums". Corporate policy is, "Abuse the worker, Increase Profit"

Its not fair to give someone a job, make them work for 8 hours or more a day, then give them nothing in return.

According to California State law, Minimum wage is $8.00 an hour. So that is only $192 per 24 hours. Thats not even minus taxes. So with Taxes thrown in, I estimate at 15% which is $29~

$163 every 24 hours. Now lets look at some other things as well. On average a individual food cost per day is $30~

So now we are at $133 dollars per day, because that $30 you spend on food is actually going back to the corporation you work in the form of energy exchange. So you are actually paying your company $30 per day so that you can work for their minimum wage.

Now we add gas prices, this varies depending on the person, but a good average will be $3 per day. Which you are giving to the company you work for, again, in energy exchange.

So now we are down to $130 per day. Which now we have to add in INSURANCES!!! YAY!! These are roughly $5 per day. Again giving it back to your company, because you need car insurance and health insurance to make sure you can work.

Down to $125 a day. Add in rent, or other type of housing payments, according to some BS act, housing cost $25 per day.

Down to $100. So now you think you have everything you need, but now for utilities! Phone bill, averaging $5 per day, Gas $5 per day, Electricity $5 per day, Sewer $5, Other $10. So now we have $30 dollars per day gone, just so you can live to work.

Ending with $70 per 24 hours. This is your daily worth as a minimum wage worker in California. Which you don't work 24 hours per day. You work maybe 10 if you are lucky. So now lets minus those other 14 extra hours that you DON'T get paid for. 14 * 8 = $112 Wow.. Thats higher than your 24 hours. But that's what it is.

So at the end of your work day you end up OWING your company $47 EVERYDAY.

And people wonder why I hate money and hate all this crap we go through every day. Its because no one really does all the math, no one sees the truth. Everyone is too busy trying to pay for their lives that they are forced to live. We are all slaves and no one can see that. The world needs to change.