Stream of Conscience

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Stream of Conscience

I hadn't checked Frankie's site in a while,so when I did,I came across a poem he wrote,and I found it deep and thoughtful,So I want to share it with you guys-

'spittin off the dock of the bay, wastin time.'
whiskey filled serenades.
sweet, distilled, sugary defeat.
your breath smells like you’re disappointed in me again.
li(v)e your life away, stagnant and stale.
my soul wanders and it troubles me still.
sleepwalking my days into weeks and then some.
unaware of where the truth ends and my li(f)e begins.
i’ll be just fine my dear.
let my wrists and i figure this one out on our own.
i’m gonna get some sleep tonight, even if it kills me.

-2013 frnkiero

It really makes me think about how words can really cut deeper than anything else