Standing In V Formation (fanfic) Part 3

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Standing In V Formation (fanfic) Part 3

Stranded in the desert, running alongside a couple of killjoys who keep you running. That's what life's like for me. And that, I believe, is what it always will be. I don't think anything could be changed, because if it was, I'd never be the same person again.

"You okay?" Gerard asked, looking in the rearview mirror of the Danger Car. I nodded, my head facing out of the window and my sandy-blonde hair whipping all around my face in the wind. Like always, no matter how many times I said I was okay, I knew I wasn't. Every since my brother had passed away, tears stained my ocean-blue eyes. My dirtied up skinny jeans, ripped in the knees, were stained with blood that was dripping from my knees from being dragged into the Danger Car. Ray leaned his arm around me.

"You realize everything will be fine, right?" he asked. I nodded.

"I guess. I mean, I guess I'm just going to take life as it comes, now that my brother's not here to protect me." I said.

"But we're here to protect you!" Mikey said, leaning to see me around Ray.

"I know, I know. But it's just going to be so different without him around." I said. That's when I felt the car come to a jerking stop. Gerard opened his door, then opened mine.

"Come with me. Guys..just stay in here." he said. Everyone nodded and I stepped out of the car. Gerard grabbed my arm and walked me farther and farther away from the Dnager Car.

"We've got to talk." he said.

"What is it?" I asked. He sighed and then took a large, deep breath.

"You're being so less confident since your brother left us." he said.

"I know! But he's my brother. What would you expect?" I asked him.

"I'd expect you to keep running." he said. "You're such a great killjoy. I know you can do it." he told me, grabbing my arms. I felt a rush of wind towards my face, and next thing I knew, Gerard and I's lips were connected. When he pulled away, he whispered:

"I love you."