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emogoticgirl's picture
on June 23, 2014 - 6:48am

OMGOMGOMGOMFG I'm so excited!!!!!
People who live in my country don't have the same music tastes as me so... It's really hard for me to find the CD's I want. Every year it becomes more and more difficult. At the beginning, MCR's CDs where easy to find because even if it's hard to find people who like them, it's still the "most acceptable band I listen to" (someone said this to me once ^^). Then, when I went for Black Veil Brides' CDs I had to go to several shops until I got them and I was shaking of happiness when I got them in my hands and they fell down T.T (they're ok btw :p). For Asking Alexandria's and Bring Me The Horizon's I had to go to the most sinister music shop in the city, in one of the most obscure streets. Not joking.
So yesterday I woke up and thought "I need to buy CD's from Blood On the Dance Floor" and searched in all of the music shops' websites in town and they all said " Not found" or "Doesn't exist". I was so angry that I literally transformed into "The Exorcist"'s girl (well, I'm exagerating a bit). This morning, I went to a sort of mall and entered one of the shops... I went to the music zone and.... guess what... ONE OF THE BOTDF ALBUMS WAS THERE!!!!! I still can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I dreaming???!!! Because I don't wat it to end!!!! OMG!!!! I bought it and once in my house I've been looking at it over and over again because it's so wonderfulll!!!!!
Sorry this is boring but I'm super excited and my parents have heard the story at least 100 times in only two hours and they are going to kill me if I tell them again XD.