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What do u think.

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emogoticgirl's picture
on September 22, 2014 - 11:50am

This is stupid but I'm really tired of a friend for whom I've always been there, help her through hard times, and never NEVER had someting in return. I mean, I'd do anything for my friends but they normally appreciate it. But she acts like if it was me, MEE, who had to be glad of being her friend... She never tried to understand me, not even got a hug when I most needed or an "everything will be okay". And it was me who always stood up for her when the others had left her alone. And she knows it. And she also knows I always pick up people who are rejected or whatever and that I will always accept them. She only seems to focus on herself (I do it too but it's not always me !!!). We always have to do what she wants, if someone has a different opinion, we can't share it or even think about it. I feel that she's "stealing" somehow my best friend... and it's all like aaghh :(
I'm writting this down because I'm going to explode and no one wants to see that... Today she told me I must cut my hair because I don't look great but what really happens is that she got it cut recently and she just wants mine to be short too!!!! I'm not joking. I love my hair and it will stay as I want it to be!!! I don't care about other's opinion but I wasn't expecting that from her!!!!