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It's over.

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emogoticgirl's picture
on June 17, 2014 - 3:43am

Today is the beginning of the end.
Yesterday was a strange day... I finally did my exams (hope I've done well) and I now I have officially nothing to do. wooohoo XD
But... (there's always a but) it was the last time I'll see him in my life if my destiny is cruel and if not maybe one day we'll meet again. When I looked at him all was happiness but now all I can see is darkness (sounds tragic ;) ). And people tell me: "forget him. you'll find someone better" But they probably don't know it's so hard to me to let people go out of my life and they don't know he was THE ONE and nobody will ever be like that. They don't know that even if I try my best not to think about him, not to talk about him, something which reminds me of him will happen or if I stop thinking what I have to think, he will appear in my thoughts. I even dream of him almost every night.
I don't want to worry you btw. I think I'll be able to live ^^ and as always with my ups and downs.
I need to go somewhere far away from here.

Changing the subject, I tried to post a photo of myself here but the pictures I took where so horrible. I'm not photogenic at all, even with my make up done :( Why???!!!! (well, I'm not super pretty though hahaha) :p

:) :) :)