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Hey again.

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emogoticgirl's picture
on September 9, 2014 - 10:33am

So my summer ended, which is something I don't like but school is at least interesting... But I'm asleep like all the time, and nervous even if sometimes I don't know why... (that's weird).
I finally got rid of my depressive thoughts about that person I once loved (^^) but he appears in my dreams!!! Aaaah!!! It's impossible to forget him even if it's over... and my friends don't understand me (yeah, like almost always) and tell me to forget about him but they are constantly reminding me of him... SO? I already told EVERYBODY it was over for meee!!!
I want/need to travel somewhere far away from here... I need to calm down but here it's impossible. I'm messing things up with death (yeah what a happy post) because everyone seems to die today and I want to cry but I can't 'cause I just don't want to think anymore... OK I need to sleep and I really hope tomorrow will be an awesome day to think about other things.
This blog is weird... I just needed to write this down somewhere...
Have a nice Monday/Tueday/whatever it is in your country :) :) :)