First Post! an untitled poem..

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First Post! an untitled poem..

An attempt to channel my crazy emotions through poetry:

You saw yourself in disguise,
Your life through someone else’s eyes,
One truth ended the string of lies,
And what was seen could not be recognized.

Your disguise was gone without a trace,
The mask ripped off your dismal face,
And the webs you had woven with seeming grace
Fell apart in your hands like brittle lace.

As they fell apart, so did your other life.
I felt the truth pierce me like a knife.
In that moment, a new knowledge was rife,
When I saw you had caused this terrible strife.

You glimpsed at your illusions of fate,
How simple they had been to create,
And now you wonder if you are worthy or too late
To forget, and enter the starry gate.

THE END!!! comments are greatly appreciated! :)