Saw this on YouTube, and HAD to write about it

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Saw this on YouTube, and HAD to write about it

All of y'all know the opening to "Vampire Money". I saw someone's comment, and after I recovered from my laughing spaz-attack, I decided that I had to write about it.

"Well are you prepared, Raymond?"
"How about yourself, Frank?"
"Oh, I have arrived infant."
"How about yourself, Michael?"
"Intercourse equipped."
"Well, I believe I am content."
[[[[[by OnOffOnn]]]]]

"like a sir." ANobodyNamedKleyx
"[Sips a cup of tea and puts on monocle] Indeed." OnOffOnn

Then, this chain of reply:
"Next concert I go to of their's I'm going to call Ray Raymond and Mikey Michael. Lol if I get to go I'll definitely post a video of it!" 98DarkAngel
"Oh my Gee. Please do. I will love you forever. <3" OnOffOnn
"lol I don't know when their next concert by me will be :C Hopefully it doesn't make them angry at me xD" 98DarkAngel

I'm sorry if it was boring, but I thought it was hilarious. Ah, well. :)