Lovin' The Bass... ;)

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Lovin' The Bass... ;)

Listening to the RIOT! album by Paramore (yeah, I actually pulled Danger Days out to listen to this baby) and the bass is kicked up enough that I can feel the beat halfway across the room, in a chair, not touching the floor or anything, really. The person living below me (I live in an apartment complex) must hate me. Well, actually, I know he does.

Just had the most wrong conversation with my friends on G-Mail. It was... creepy. But that's what happens when one's sick and a pervert and the other's just crazy. And one of them's me. I kept randomly quoting MCR and getting a lot of weird replies.

Me: "I've got a bulletproof heart!"
Neon: "Let's test that!" *smirks evilly*

That was one of them. And my other friend (who is a girl, FYI) fell into her laundry basket. I don't know how.

But yeah, that's it.

Ain't no DJ gonna save my soul,
I sold it long ago to rock 'n' roll