Let's step it up and make a difference

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Let's step it up and make a difference

Alrightie guys, I'd love if you guys read this and paid some attention.

Me and The Psychotic Sound (AKA: Zayde) have been ishly planning something. It would basically be a cross-country, multi-fanbase demonstration if everything goes how we're hoping. Simply titled "Make a Difference", we'd go out and spread the message that MCR's been trying to give to the world. Zayde had seen a large sign on a building that said "THIS BAND SAVES LIVES" -MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and was signed by a bunch of people. Now, I'm not sure if we could do that (like, if anyone would let us) but I'm thinking basically the "Million Man March" but full o' Killjoys and other cool cats out there.

So, the message would basically be things like "You're not in this alone" "Art is the weapon" "You can and should do anything!" and things along that line that the guys have said.

Now, we haven't gotten very far into planning, but I'd like you guys to leave a comment on this blog if you'd be willing to go out and demonstrate with your fellow soldiers. I just want to have an idea if there's even enough people that are willing to make a difference in the world.