iCarly: iGoodbye

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iCarly: iGoodbye

*wipes eyes, composes self*

So... I finished watching iGoodbye at 9 o'clock, and stupid me... the last fifteen minutes involved me crying and crying and trying not to let my mom see that I was crying. It was so sweet, how it ended. Carly left for Italy with her dad, Spencer gave Sam a motorcycle... It was brilliant. Really. And at the end, they showed flashbacks for all the characters. Freddie was so tiny and adorable when it started! And Sam... wow. Carly hasn't changed much, but she's gotten older and more mature. I grew up with these kids—I watched the premiere of the pilot episode, and have watched pretty much every episode since. This has been a big part of my childhood.

So yeah, I cried.

I'm really sad that it's over, and the spin-offs I heard of aren't gonna cover it. iCarly's over, and that can't be helped. As said, this has pretty much been my childhood, and it's had such a positive impact on me. iCarly inspired me to open up a webshow with my friend, and though it didn't last, it brought us so close together and we had so much fun. We were like Carly and Sam—almost exactly. And iCarly taught me that growing up doesn't mean you can't have fun and that you can't be silly. But anyway... It's been a fun ride, and I really hope I can remember the good times I've had and the lessons I've learned directly because of iCarly. I don't regret picking up the remote control and tuning onto channel 43 back in 2007, when I was eight and had no friends.

Goodbye, iCarly. I'm gonna miss you.