My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 11: Favourite scene from ‘The Black Parade Is Dead’, and why?

I bought ‘The Black Parade Is Dead’ this year a few weeks after the break up because I was upset I had never seen them live before. Once I brought home the CD and DVD I removed the plastic packaging and placed the disc in the DVD player, I also most screamed the house down when it began to play. I was crying through parts of it but during other parts I was standing on my bed jumping up and down whilst singing along, knowing every word. From the opening scene to the ending scene I was so excited to have the ability to see a My Chemical Romance concert, even though I didn’t see them live. Now picking my favourite scene is something that I will not do, I know I do this a lot but ‘The Black Parade Is Dead’ was such as incredible experience for me and it helped to stop the tears caused by the break up, even though I still miss them, I cannot help but be happy because I have this to watch. If I have a bad day at school, I have a fight with my Mum or my sister, or it is just one of those days that feels like it is growing further downhill with every second, I know that I can watch this and forget about all the awful events of the day for a couple of hours. The performing is fantastic and the theatrical story told in the concert is brilliant, I only hope that one day I will be able to perform like that. The first scene I ever watched from this was on YouTube and it was when they performed the untitled song during the Hoboken show. First of all I love the song but second of all, I love what Gerard says when people in the audience ask him what the song is called. I laughed so hard for about ten minutes, and because of that laugh I was in pain for the next half an hour.