Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 22 (Please Read!!!!)

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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 22 (Please Read!!!!)

Chapter Twenty-Two
Cross Out The Words But Nothing Will Stop Me Reading

I could see my reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall above the sink I had just thrown up in. My face was ghostly pale, in fact my skin seemed almost green, and my eyes were teary and surrounded my dark shadows. Something was constantly making me ill, an unknown sickness drifting inside of me, causing this sudden attack of nausea and possibly the dizzy spills. A light tap on the bathroom door almost made me jump out of my skin. I slid down the tilted wall and lied upon the rough fabric of the rug on the floor. Another knock. I brought my knees as close to my chest as possible and wrapped my arms around myself. Knock, knock, knock. I felt the nauseous feeling take over my body again but I had no time to reach up to the sink, so I grabbed the bin just in time. Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. Every knock grow more and more panicked, but I didn’t have the strength to reach for the doorknob. I heard the door slowing open, someone entered, the door closed. The person removed the bin from my hands, next came the sound of running water and scrubbing. Once the water was turned off I heard the sound of a towel being used to dry the bin, then the bin was placed in its original spot. I heard the person walk, sit behind me, then lift me up onto their lap and that was when I realised. It was Mikey.

I thought I had only shut my eyes for a matter of seconds but when I opened them again the day had passed me by and a new one was beginning. I was in my bed, still fully clothed with the blankets pulled up to my chin, but I had no recollection of how I had gotten there. I turned my head to peer at the clock on my nightstand, but was almost blinded by a radiant sunbeam shining through the gap in the curtains. 1:24 PM. I had slept through the night and half of today. A scrap of paper on the nightstand caught my eyes, so I sat up and reached out for it. It was scrunched with some tearing at the edges. The writer had put too such pressure on the pen, resulting in tiny holes from the pen breaking through the surface of the paper. I ran my fingers over the page as I looked at both side covered in the nervous scribbled hand writing. A whole paragraph had been crossed out by a line cutting through the words, but this paragraph was still clear enough to read, and I read it before I read the actually, none crossed out part of the letter.
“Dear November,
I am so worried about you. You’re getting sicker everyday but
I am also worried that soon I won’t be able to control myself around you.
Gerard wouldn’t like it one bit, he would send me away forever,
he would send me to somewhere I could never see you again but
I still don’t know if I am strong enough to control myself.”
The poorly hidden paragraph made my lungs wrench as I held back the tears forming at the edges of my eyes. Maybe I was reading between the lines or maybe I had a perfect understand of what he was telling me without actually saying it. Filled with uncertainty I began to read the part of the letter he had intended on me reading.
Sorry Gerard and I had to leave, he tried to wake you but when you didn’t, he decided to let you stay home. He thinks you should go to see a doctor, but I managed to convince him that you had eaten way too much potato last night. But seriously Vember he’s worried, HE is VERY worried. You are probably wondering where Gerard is. His old boss called him up yesterday and asked him if he could help out for this week. I don’t know why they don’t just hire him again, but as long as he is working I guess its okay. I will back soon but Gerard won’t be back till 10 pm. Please don’t faint again while I’m at school. See you soon.
Kobra Kid”
I read through the letter for hours, examining all the little things like the certain way he curved the letter ‘e’ and the technique applied when he would dot the letter ‘i’ and punch full stops at the end of a sentence. The only words that weren’t created by a violent striking down of a pen was whenever he wrote my name. Where my name was written there was no indentation, in fact it was almost like someone had printed my name with a machine indeed of writing it. I held the letter close to my face, the scent of coffee drifted from the paper to my nose and conjured a daydream of Mikey and I just hanging out in the kitchen, he would be pouring me a fresh cup as I sat gracefully on the counter with my leg crossed simply admiring his every movement. Even the dust on the paper, which informed me the piece had been untouched for many days before today, triggered strange dream like states that I allowed to consume my sleepy mind. Us walking along a beach, laughing on the green grass in the courtyard at school, performing on stage, writing music together in Gerard’s window walled art room.

The slam of the front door awaked me and I realized I had fallen into a deep haze of wonder. The running steps of someone jumping up the stairs alarmed me a little but when Mikey burst through the doorway of my room with a glowing smile on his face. The grin cued a series of uncontrollable giggles from me. “See you’re still in bed.” His eyes widened when they locked on the sight of the letter. “Oh, I was actually hoping you weren’t going to read that. I mean, it’s pretty silly , when I started writing I was just writing because Gerard asked me to. He was going to do it but he was running late, so I said I would. I was just supposed to tell you where we both were, but I don’t know.” His eyes focused on the floor but then he looked back to me. “I’m sorry, if the letter was uncalled for.” I didn’t understand how he could feel so embarrassed about a letter but I knew a way to make him feel better about the situation. I folded the letter in half and then placed it under my pillows, his cheeks intently burned red as a child like smile crept across his face. “I’ll have your letter whenever I dream now. Maybe it will fight away the nightmares.” I tapped my pillow as I said this and turned back to Mikey and was alarmed to see him walking over to my wardrobe, opening the doors and throwing random articles of clothing at me. Once he was done I stared at the cloths surrounding me: a pair of black jeans, a short sleeved corset top and a black leather jacket with silver stuns covering the shoulders. Completely confused I stared up at the beaming Mikey who at this point resembled the Cheshire cat. "Well come on, up them on. We can’t have you walking around in same clothes then yesterday.”
“Why do I have to get changed? Where are me going?” I said as I slowing picked up the outfit which was hanging from the corn of my bedroom and lying on the floor all crumpled.
“I can’t tell you that, I want to surprise you.” Like yesterday when he had challenged me to create nicknames without a second of warning, he had reverted back to the nature of a child. The secrets were all a part of his game and if I knew the answers he would not have any fun. I narrowed my eyes and attempted to give him my harshest stare, but the daggers I was shooting with my eyes weren’t strong enough to cut through his outer layer and into his mind. He was having too much fun and my reluctant behaviour was only fuelling his excitement. “Okay. I will get changed Mikey Way, but can I have some privacy? If you think I’m going to get changed in front of you, you’re a real idiot.” He strangely bowed and walked out of the room without another word, shutting the door behind him. I could still tell by the shadow seeping from underneath the door that he was standing close to the door, waiting for me to join him in the next room.

As soon as I opened the door, before I even took one step out of the door, I was grabbed firmly by the arm and pulled over to the stairs. Together we sped down every step with long gliding strides, well Mikey sped down with gliding strides I stumbled down as I tried to keep up. Mikey’s smile didn’t fade and with every step we jumped off of he would laugh at my awkward and unstable landing. When we reached the bottom I wanted to stop and catch my breath but Mikey didn’t allow as we hear the sound of a car horn calling out from the front lawn. “Where are we going? If you’re kidnapping me Mikey Way, I will have to start screaming.” I yelled hoping he would enlighten me on what was going on, but he simply put his hand on either side of my face and stared into my eyes. “Just trust me.” Completely astonished by his words and close contact, I allowed him to take me by the hand again and dragged me out the front door.

An old, rundown van covered with black paint and strange skull like images sat in the middle of the front lawn and it was most defiantly going to leave tire marks. Razor was loading a couple of guitar cases covered in sticker into the back of the van, while Smash sat in the driver’s seat. The mass of curls hang sightly over his shoulder and because of how he was positioned with his head down the afro that consumed most of his head now covered his face. An odd question entered my mind as I examined him, “Mikey, how old is Smash? Did you meet him at school?”
“He graduated a few years ago but the band was made before he left. He wanted to stay and I wanted him to stay, so when he finished school he continued to be our drummer, even with work and all that. He’s was actually in the same year as Gerard but they were never the best of friend. You know how Gerard can be, he likes to keep things to himself.” Mikey seemed as though he was about to continue when Razor climbed into the passenger seat beside Smash, reached over and began to beep the horn on the steering wheel excitedly. “Come on Mikey, if you’re bringing her hurry up and get in! We’re on in 20 minutes!”
“Wait, you’re performing?” I said suddenly sharing the same excitement as Razor.
“Yeah, but I wanted it to be a surprised.” We walked over to the van and I noticed Mikey looked a little upset and defeated but that didn’t stop us from climbing into the van and speeding off into the night.

Quickly around jagged corner, across the traffic free roads, dashing through red lights with not a care for the speed cameras that may catch us. Razor grew more hyper with every little bump that shook the van but it seemed that Johnny’s nerves consumed him further the closer we got to the venue. It wasn’t until we parked in a pitch black alleyway where the only lights were from the car radio and the sign of a club that Johnny began to shake. That didn’t stop everyone from piling out of the van and unpacking the instruments in the back. I could hear an aggressive rock band singing inside the club. Singing wasn’t the right thing for what they were doing though, since all the lyrics were screamed into the microphones.
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