I Was Gifted With An Amazing Dream Last Night. Chapter 9

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I Was Gifted With An Amazing Dream Last Night. Chapter 9

When Gerard returned he brought eight large pizza boxes with him, there was only five of us, why did we need so many? He clearly noticed the confusion on my face and he had the urge to answer my silent question. “One’s for you and me. I thought that we could have dinner alone tonight, like the guys promised us yesterday, it’s just pizza nothing special but it’s something.” I walked over to him and removed the boxes out of his hand and placed them on the floor. I didn’t dare to place them on the table because of the expensive equipment. I took his hands and kissed him gently “it’s perfect, I told you yesterday as long as we’re together its special. Wait since one is for us why is there still seven more?” I looked down at the pizza boxes.
“The guys eat a lot and this way everyone will get enough.” He picked put seven boxes and went outside, when he came he only had candles, matches and a rug; he then locked the door behind him. Gerard rushed around the room placing and lighting the candles once he was done he then spread the rug out in the middle of the room and placed the pizza on the rug. He walked over to me, took my hand and looked down at me hoping to find some form of approval on my face. I looked around the room, I could have been flying in the night sky, the darkness of the room and the blazing light of the candles resembled the night. “It’s beautiful, and you thought this wasn’t special.” I smiled up at him as he led me across to the rug where we both sat down. “So what is did you do while everyone was out?” Gerard asked as he passed me a piece of pizza, I felt a shiver go down my spine because the pizza was cheese, my favourite, but I had never told him that. I took it and decided that cheese was a very popular pizza topping. “I got a call.” Gerard looked intrigued and wanted to hear more so I continued. “Yea, I got a call it was Stephanie, she wanted to see how I was going. The band wanted her to beg me to come back though. Anyway she wants to stop managing the band.”
“Oh, what will she do if she’s not a manager?” Gerard asked while chewing on his pizza.
“Well that’s something I wanted to talk to you about, I want her to be her manager.”
“You don’t need a manager.”
“But she’s more than that Gerard, Stephanie’s my friend and we were a good team. She booked all my gigs, she helped write some of my music, and she was always there when I needed to talk.”
“Aren’t I here if you need to talk?” He looked offended by my words but I could tell that he thought having Stephanie round might be a good idea.
“You are here but I need a friend who I can talk to about you. Someone who I can tell all the great and exciting moments we have together, I need to have someone to do all the girl stuff with.” Gerard started chuckling and then I started laughing as well.
“Okay, it would be fun having her around.” Gerard said with a smile on his face because he was making me happy. “Yay!” I said as I leaped into his arms, once again he was shocked by my action but then went along with them.
“So I figure you are not hungry at the moment.” Gerard said with a hint of a giggle. I moved in to kiss him but we were once again interrupted by a knock on the door.

Seriously this happened far too often, and once again the band was interrupting our special moment. I placed my head against Gerard’s chest and hoped they would go away. They were only doing it because they knew we were trying to be alone. This was driving me crazy why couldn’t they just leave us alone for one night? I sat there in Gerard’s arms and held onto his shirt tightly. I tried to imagine that they weren’t just right outside the door, but soon enough I hear then leave to one of their room and eat their many boxes of pizza. Once they were gone I looked up at Gerard who was laughing for me, he clearly thought it was hilarious. I moved in to kiss him again when our lips met the electricity return and flooded my whole body. I could feel it traveling to my toes, through my legs, tingling at the ends of my fingers, and up to my head where it worked its way into my brain to stop all thoughts apart from those about Gerard and this moment. I opened my mouth to gasp for air but I didn’t pull around this time because the joy that was connecting us was too strong for me to fight. I found myself falling down onto the rug with him and I rolled on my back, so I could have Gerard closer to me. I repositioned me arms so I could hold on to him. Happiness, bliss, joy, cheerfulness, gladness, exhilaration, delight, ecstasy, contentment, pleasure whatever the emotion was that I was feeling it was intoxicating every fibre of my being and I wanted it to stay that way. I shut my eyes and continued to lie back and enjoyed the feeling of Gerard’s lips against mine. Behind my eye lids bright lights flashed in my mind like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I felt Gerard hands slowly move up to the buttons on my shirt and that was when I decided I wasn’t ready. I tried to push him off but he didn’t realise what I was doing till I had pushed him off me and I had run half way across the room.

I stood there in a corner, which was possibly a bad place to stand, and redid up my buttons on my shirt. I straightened it up and looked over at Gerard who was getting to his feet again. His eyes had sadness and hurt in them. He also looked confused, he was franticly trying to think of the correct things to say to me, but it looked like he had none. I tried to work out what had happened myself, my mind had just taken over and destroyed our happy moment itself and I was horrified to know that I was the one to sabotage our time together. But why it was just a few buttons, they were easy enough to undo, buttons, just buttons, but I had freaked out completely. Just a few buttons, just a buttons but after those few button what would it lead to? I knew the answer to that and I now knew why I had freaked out originally it was because of what happens after the buttons were undone. I loved Gerard but I wasn’t ready for the buttons to be undone.

I looked up at Gerard again, as I held onto my shirt where the buttons were. I noticed that he had been watching me has I was working everything out. “Do you want me to leave?” his voice came out shaky and he nodded to the door as he spoke. I was shocked by his words, “I never want you to leave.” I said hoping that would comfort him. The expression on Gerard’s face was calm and it was slowly turning into happiness. He cautiously approached me and cuffed my face with his hand. I gave him an uneasy smile. “I am so sorry I… I… I… I’m just not ready for that. Please understand.” He tilted his head in an adorable way, I think this was his way of showing he understood. “Dreamer, I don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do. I’m just sorry that once just our special moment was ruined.” As he spoke I felt myself fall even more in love with him, if that was possible. “It was special before I went all crazy.” I said while laughing. I put my arms around him and rested my head against his chest like I did so often. Gerard rubbed my back and squeezed me tightly. “I should have known, our whole relationship seems to be moving too fast.” Gerard’s words seemed to cut me in the heart.
“I don’t want it to slow down, I freak out sometimes but I don’t want it to slow. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, I have let myself for too long settle for third or fourth place. Do you want to know why, because no one ever remembers who comes third or fourth. They remember the winner and the runner up and sometimes they remember the poor person who loses but you don’t remember the in-betweeners. I let myself become an in-between and I don’t enjoy it.” I took a deep breath and continued. “There’s a reason why I am the way I am and I am ready to tell you my story.” Gerard walked me over to one of the chairs so I could sit down then sat down in the chair across from me.
“Okay, tell me your story, I love you and I want to hear it.” Gerard said with caring eyes, how was it possible for a kind man like him to be mine.

I started to tell everything that had happened to me in my life. I was in Australia but I never liked it, too small. My house always seemed lonely, I lived with my mum and dog who a named Symphony, she was a fluffy white dog and she was my best friend back home. I never made friends, I was always bullied and I got used to people using me and I stopped trusting after a while. I left because I was trying to follow my dreams. I left my dog and mum for a dream, but they know it was what I wanted and since my childhood had been woeful and tragic I knew at least my mum was happy that I could find happiness. I was always unsure of how Symphony felt about everything, after all I didn’t speak dog. Symphony had walked me to school every day and then somehow made her way back home, and one day graduation happened and I left and it all ended, how would she feel? Oh I missed her so dearly.

I began to feel stupid because I was talking about a dog, she was my best friend but whenever I told anyone about Symphony people just laughed at me. Gerard didn’t. He just looked at me with his big hazel caring eyes enjoying my dog story. I noticed him cringe when I was explaining how I was bullied, but he laughed at the dog and I walking to school together, at least he laughed at that happy memory. “So, have you ever thought of bring Symphony over here to stay with you? “ Gerard asked with a questioning look.
“I would but then mum would be alone, it’s been so long since I’ve seen then of both.” I said with a shaky voice as tear formed in the corners of my eyes and quickly ran down my face. “Darn I’m crying again.”
“I’ll take you there, once the album’s finished and released I’ll take you back to Australia.” His voice was filled with enjoy for his plan.
“Really you’ll take me back?”
“Of course I will, after all I will have to meet your family at some point.” I hugged him and felt tears roll down my face. Even though I never mentioned it I longed to see my mum and dog again, and now Gerard was willing to take me home, he really was the perfect man.