A Horse named Gerard

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A Horse named Gerard

this horse should be Gerard. I don't know why this model horse reminded me of Gerard. I bought it with a Gray color. soon it was clear that i wanted to change its color. I didn't Know which color would describe Gerard best. i thought very long about it but all the rare colors like rabicano, blue roan, dominant white or crayola (light black) were too ordinary. A fwe days later I came across a picture of a chestnut, white and black foal (a chimera. it is a horse with two different DNAs). I knew the idea was good but not perfect. So i asked a friend and she gave me some excellent ideas like the mask and the logos.
I needed two days to paint it but know it looks great. everything is painted with a brush and myown hand. that means that i didn't use a stencil for the logos and the mask.

i hope you like it

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