Have you ever eaten GOLD?

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Have you ever eaten GOLD?


as the tiltel says.... have you ever eaten real gold?
I did today!!!!!
it tasts like nothing but it should be really healthy, it should increase your self-confidence and it is good if you feel unsure.
one time my work-mate said: hey we don't need that piece of gold anymore it is damaged, do you want to eat it? i could't believe that but she said come on eat it, it is good for you.....

i am really fascinated by gold, even if it looks so fragile it is really hard to damage it. and working with it is so relaxing it is just amazing if you are in a really big old room and you put new gold parts on the wall where the 200 year old gold is missing.

oh and i tried to play conventional weapons on my working place but the painter was really unfriendly and sad he would get headache from that music... we ended up playing nothing no radio and no music.
then it was completely quiet just the gold was flying around because of air-conditioning and i gave it up because it makes me crazy if you try so hard to put the gold in the right position an one second later it flys away.

I just wanted to share that with you because that is somthing you do not every day...
if you are really interestet in art in the next days i will post a blog about my work with a lot of photos from the beginning until now. i know there are a lot of people here who are very interestet in art but mybe not in classical art. but i think art is art and classical art can be very fascinating if it is really old an you work at it very close what a normal person can nerver do. so i thought that it might be interesting for at least some of you......
just visit me if you want to know more

i'm from austria so there might be mistakes