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I realized there are two types of fandom.

There's the Innocents: The people who just enjoy the music and nothing more. Who may buy the albums and maybe even some merch. But that is as far as their fandom goes.

Then there's the Die-Hards: The crazy fan's who keep tabs on MCR's every move. Who not only buy the albums but also buy the extras, buy every piece of merch they can afford, who bought Life on the Murder Scene and sat down with a nice bowl of food and watched every video nonstop. They are the fans who risk dehydration because they watch every My Chem video on Youtube for however long it lasts. Who become members of every fan-site they can find and become friends with everyone there. They are the fans who will act like a crazy person when MCR comes out on T.V. or the radio. The one's who quote the band no matter how many weird looks are thrown at them. The ones who are ready to fight anyone who disrespects the band in any way. The people who consider the MCRmy a huge family, and a destructive force of nature. The ones who cover their rooms in posters. Who ask everyone they meet if they listen to MCR. Who want MCR to be the first thing they listen to every year. Who play MCR's cover of All I want for Christmas is You any day of the year. Who love MCR with all their heart and will never stop.

After i established the different fandoms I also realized that, I'm the Die-Hard and the Die-Hards and the Innocents will never EVER understand eachother. Nor will outsiders. What we have here is a structured house of crazy and no fandom will be more crazy than us. Not BVB, not FOB, not 1D, not JB, not P!ATD, NO ONE will have a better fandom than the MCRmy <3

This is the best thing I have ever heard or read xD
This is what most people can be classed in a fandom
But not all people are. So dont take offence.