The Guilt Of an Assassin

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The Guilt Of an Assassin

Hey guys, Its been a while since I have posted a blog. But here is a poem I wrote. Im not very good at poems so I thought I would give it a go anyway. Here it is:

The Chemical warefare will kill you.
The Allies wont see you.
The enemy will torture you.
You will be the last alive,
To hunt down others.

And Assassin with a mission.
Your allies don't know you're there,
Your enemies are on guard,
Knowing you are out there.
Run, hunt, kill. Survive.

Thats all you know.
Its what you were taught
The Chemical warefare is of your doing.
Innocent people, children, teenagers. Dying.
Because you thought it was alright,
To kill both Generals

Your guilt eating away at your soul.
Pointing your gun at your head.
You pull the trigger.
All is over.