We should thank My Chemical Romance. We should thank ourselves. We should thank each other.

You all are the best, and I feel closer to you than I feel close to my family sometimes.
There's no judgement here -- no hatred. There's the occasional fight, but that's rare.
We stick together, we love each other, and we actually care for one another.
We have a lot to thank My Chemical Romance for, but I think you Killjoys are high on my list for my Thank You's. Oh yeah, they saved my life too. But yet, so did you all.
If I have learned anything throughout my entire life, it is that family and friends are everything. They keep you strong, focused, and secure. You may feel let down sometimes by them, but they are only human, just like you.
We are mortal, so we only live once. Live like you don't have a care in the world. Love like you don't believe there is a tomorrow. Care about every living creature and realize that they are somehow on some level, just like you.
Be happy, careful, and be true to yourself. We're all beautiful.

Sorrow Killer.