Party Poison goes to the Black Parade [part VI “Because We are not the Same”]

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Missle Kid (Grace), was talking about survivor guilt, to Adrenaline Rose underground, in a lair which fad been especially prepared by Dr. D, from a decommissioned sub-way in Battery City.

"They can't just be dead!!"
"Let me be very clear on this," said Missle Kid, despite her youth, she seemed very old, the girl had seen too much to be young, to be so old,
"first my parents, then the original Killjoys, then Freedom Runner and the rest, too numerous to name, I used to feel guilty, like I didn't deserve life when so many have fallen, but I just don't bother with guilt anymore, because, well, it is just egotism in reverse, you see?"
"It isn't that I feel guilty, answered Adrenaline Rose, "more like confused, it seems like they are not really gone,

like they will walk through the door any second and it will all just be a game we are playing!"
Dr. Death Defying, "Yes it does seem like that, I have known a lot of pain in my life, but I also know how to rise above it. I have cheated the Reaper and thereby, earned my name!"
Adrenaline Rose held in her hand the magnetic disk for which so much had already been sacrificed. On an impulse, she frisbeed it into the wall.
"That disk holds all of our data, without it, we are anonymous. Better Living Industries needs it back badly! I plan to set a trap for those 'crows.
Leave it right in the diner where they ghosted Freedom Runner and Dynamite Dagger, along with a Fun Ghoul special." so said Dr. D! He was operating on his own thigh, with a razor, while Grace (Missle Kid), wiped with a cloth then the power went out.
They lit candles, the voice of Dr. D continued in the dark,
"Just don't ever ignore that little voice inside you that says, 'keep running!' "
The float with roses came closer, threading it's way through the rubble with a big white scull grinning in front.
Freedom Runner, Dynamite Dagger and Mischevious Flame stood in front of the float. "Excuse me," asked Freedom, "I probly should know this, but just exactly who the Hell are you?"
"We are the Black Parade," said the white figure, center stage, "You wouldn't know us but Hell is where this is.
And to answer your next question, we came because Death comes for you in the form you wish for. If it were Valkeirie you wanted then we would be Valkeirie, or Angels or whatever, that's just how it works."
Haana stood up. "Gerard, I died for you!"
He replied; "that is not what I want of you! I never did!"
"What do you want then?"
"Look Alive sunshine! You came here too soon, I am afraid now that you must wait."
"What?!" Haana was backing up, paler than before in that black-and-white Hell. Freedom jumped in, "You did not tell us your name, are you Gerard? And, why do you look exactly like Party Poison?" a thought struck her,
"Is he here too?"
"Yes, he is, and I told you, we are what you want, we have no personal names."
The figure on stage left, who had blood-red hair, spoke in a high sweet voice, "My name is Captain Kirk!"
The float began to float away, followed by figures in hoods and masks, and a balloon labeled "The Black Parade"
"You broke the Law of Survival, Haana, you must wait!" came the voice from the distance. Haana started after them, tears on her dead face. She almost collided with a man in a yellow mask.
"Gerard, it's you!"
He pulled the mask off with a grin "...the name's Party Poison. And these are: Freedom Runner, Dynamite Dagger, Mischevious Flame, and Fun Ghoul"
Fun Ghoul was leaning against a ghost of a cool Trans-Am. "Out here there are no stars to see, because out here, our shadows live on without us" he coolly commented, "except Jet Star, he got to play guitar for the Black Parade! Captain Kirk my ass!"