Party Poison goes to the Black Parade [part 4] “Save Yourself, I’ll hold them back”

I'm sorry, I have been suffering from writers' block. I have written nothing for a week.

Dynamite Dagger was looking around, “So, we are really dead? Did the mission succeed?”
“What mission are you talking about? I’m sorry, I’m Cyanide Sunshine, I must have been ghosted way before you, does it really matter? We all arrived at more or less the same time, and ever since, this stuff has been falling!
“It’s ash, I think.”
… “Are you Gerard, I have always wanted to meet you!”
The drums were beating, the skeleton crew walked in a stately procession down the aisle overhead, a black blimp hovered…
The girl had a lot of make-up on. She had straight, rust-colored hair and a thick black scar across her throat. “I waited, I was right! You have come for me!!
“Thank you, but I am not Gerard. My name is Val Keirie!”
"Why do you look like My Chemical Romance then?"

"Because that is what your soul wished for, we come in the form of your most cherished memory, we will now take you to your spiritual home."

"What about us?" asked Dynamite Dagger.

Meanwhile back in the land of the Living, Dr. D asked himself, “Why am I always the one left behind? I suppose it is because of my name, here we go again, I am once more the one left standing, another one of those days where I just want to give up and stop running!”
To the microphone, “Listen up, today, a successful raid operation was pulled by the the Young Killjoys on Better Living Industries, Cali-Pacific tower in Battery City, and yes, they did it, by the time my voice reaches you, your Permanent Record file will have been, courtesy of the Young Killjoys, deleted forever by the Virus they up-loaded in the tower, I only mention this because BLI, it is too late to do a thing about it!
On the flip-side, some Killjoys sprung a trap at the old diner, to distract the draculoids, it worked, they were dusted! Their sacrifice bought the rest of us some time!”
“That’s the news, if you are hearing this, you are not ghosted yet, keep running! If you are not, then Welcome to the Black Parade!”

[I'm still working on part 5]