Fact News, story, “Dangerous Killjoys” [Part IV]

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Fact News, story, “Dangerous Killjoys” [Part IV]

Fact News: Attention! You are viewing Fact News, where we only tell the truth! Only facts here because here at Fact News, we are the Only News!

KORSE: As I was saying, before the break, BLI “Perfection”®, therapy is yet to be perfected.
In the meantime sacrifices have to be made to Science, and we can’t let what happened when Kobra and Party Poison started a band
ever happen again, the Killjoys are still very much a danger! Thus, our Society needs S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W.

KORSE: It is the truth, welcome back viewers, what I am about to show you is shocking and graphic! I warn you, you can never unsee it. I offer this by way of a counter-example; this is someone who never received the Treatment. Grace Clark, here is her year-book photo from the fifth grade, yes so cute at that age, but then, once they’re twelve, totally un-manageable!

Why? Because Grace never received any “Perfection”®, therapy at all, to be scientific, we needed a Control, and she was it. Now look at her! Vacant expression, dirty, threadbare, this kid is now beyond help. But I have her safe in our Facility, will will begin the “Perfection”®, therapy on her belatedly.
Better late than never, Better Living/industries®

I only submit Missile Kid, for your consideration, as an example of what our World would be like without “Perfection”®, Treatment!
Fact News: Excuse the interruption, again! I am afraid we have lost our feed to Korse.
Wait, what? I’m getting a bulletin here, no, go to Commercial, go now! "Attention, this is not a drill! All units' respond now!"

“Cleaned-up corporation progress. Dying in the process, children that can talk about it! Living on the webways, people moving sideways/ Sell it till your last days!” Lyrics of “Sing”
Party paused for breath, all around him, energy bolts were discharging. It was the last 10 seconds of his Life. Kobra laid down covering fire, but too late. Korse had Party Poison, he was taking it personally, relishing the moment.
The brain of Party Poison exploded in a ball of pure, White Light, followed by darkness. He was ghosted! The glass door slammed on Fun, leaving him to turn around and face his enemy.
Missile Kid attempted to rescue her rescuer by opening it for him but, Jet Star, thinking on his feet as usual, grabbed her around the waist and hauled her to the curb where; thanks to Doctor Death Defying, the Orange Van had pulled up. Susan helped Grace into the van as laser bolts of sizzling energy issued by drac bounced around them. Jet returned their fire…Only to get ghosted against the hood of the Trans Am.
The End, Killjoys!