Fact News, story, “Dangerous Killjoys” [fan-fic]

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Fact News, story, “Dangerous Killjoys” [fan-fic]

Fact News: You are watching Fact News and this is a Special Report on the Fabulous Killjoys, we must warn you that the material we are about to show you is extremely graphic, you might not want to let the kids watch, and don’t watch this Special Report yourself unless you want to have these images burned into your brain forever, it will be too late to unsee it!

You are still watching Fact News, the only news, we now take you live to special Fact News consultant, Ben Gleck, Ben, you’re on.

Ben Gleck: “You have to understand about today’s youth is that they never had the World which we cling to by a thread, a very thin, tenuous thread it is, we remember a time before the Nuclear blasts, the Great Fires, the Year of Winter, which our children have no memory of greener pastures, they have no concept of the values which we grew up on, let me give you an example: Watching Television shows when they have homework to do! Can you believe that folks?

Folks, let me tell you, the media nowadays, is a horror show of mindless self indulgence. Nothing but sense gratification, a dead scene, product of a white dream!

Fact News: Uh Ben, have you taken your prescribed BLI meds? If so, you might want to consult your therapist on increasing the dosage, you see, that Emotional Response, it was quite inappropriate!

Ben Gleck: I’m so sorry, I will take my meds right now, thank you sir, As I was saying, The Fabulous Killjoys: a band of wing-nuts, rogue terrorists posing as some kind of rock band! This isn’t just about explicit lyrics, they are recruiting kids! Encouraging them to break the law, and rebel against the good folks at Better Living Industries!
I said to my wife, “there is no way we can beat this”, pay attention to these lyrics, folks, these are lyrics from the Killjoys’ record, the song is called “Na, Na, Na,” I know you are going to say, Oh, that’s not important, it’s just pop music, plain stupid!

But let me tell you folks, this isn’t the Rock music you and I grew up on, no “Teen Angel” here sir, this is the filthy-minded younger generation’s music, just listen to these lyrics, just listen: “Na na na na na na na na na na na /Make no apology Na na na na na na na na na na na /It's death or victory/On my authority/Crash and burn – young and loaded! ...Continued tomorrow!