The True Lives of the Most Epic Killjoys Chapters 8 and 9

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The True Lives of the Most Epic Killjoys Chapters 8 and 9

hey guys! so here's chapters 8 and 9! enjoy!
~Desert Demon ~ Killjoy #07

Chapter 8

“Hello?” she said.
“Hi,” Dr. Death said, coming out from behind the door. “How can I help you?”
“Well, I have no place to stay, and I was wondering if I could crash in one of the booths here.”
“Maybe. Have you heard of BL/Ind.?”
“Yeah. I just escaped from that hellhole. I want to become a Killjoy, which I’m guessing you are.”
“Yeah. I’m Dr. Death Defying, but you can call me Dr. Death.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Radio Star.”
Dr. Death held out his hand, and Radio Star shook it.
“Is there anyone else here?” she asked.
“Yeah, there are. Guys, come on out! She’s not from BL/Ind.” he called to the Killjoys.
They all came out from the back of the diner, relieved that it wasn’t BL/Ind.
“Hi. I’m Party Diamond,” Party said.
“Kobra Diamond,” Kobra said.
“Jet-Star Monster,” Jet said.
“Fun Ghoul,” Ghoul said.
“Revolution Static,” said Static.
“Desert Demon,” said Demon.
“Hey,” Star said. “So do you guys have any extra clothes I can change into? ‘Cause I hate these BL/Ind. ones…”
“Sure,” Dr. Death said. “This way.”
Dr. Death led Star to the back of the diner and into a room where there was a bathroom, a closet full of Killjoy clothes, and other things like boots, bandanas, and sunglasses.
“Demon, help Star get out of those clothes and into some of these that fit her,” Dr. Death instructed.
“Okay. Is that okay with you, Star?” Demon asked.
“Yeah. As long as I get out of these, I’m cool with anything,” Star said.
Demon helped Star get out of her burnt and torn clothes. She handed Star a towel and told her to wash up in the bathroom.
When Star was looking like she hadn’t just escaped from a prison, Demon cleaned and bandaged her cuts.
“Thanks,” Star said.
“No problem,” Demon replied.
“So what now?”
“Well, now you can pick out your clothes. Just pick out a jacket, pants, boots, a bandana and sunglasses, if you want them.”
“What about the gun?”
“We’ll do that later, but for now just get some clothes.”
Demon told Star where to find everything and walked out of the room.
Star found jeans that fit her, and they were a royal blue on the bottom and slowly faded until it was pitch black on top.
The jacket that she found was perfect. It was dark blue, with two black rings on each wrist. On the back, there was an eight painted black and in the middle, a silver star with a music symbol that looked like blue lightning at the center. On the front, there was the Killjoy symbol over the heart, and on the other side, there was a white patch with the number ‘37’ in black. The jacket also had a black hood.
Looking at the table with bandanas and masks, Star picked up a bandana that was black with a blue music symbol made of lightning in the center. She also picked up a mask, which was black with a blue star in the center of the forehead. On the sides, there were two blue lightning bolts.
Star got a pair of black combat boots and walked out of the room. Demon was leaning against the wall, looking at some records displayed on the opposite side of the hall.
“So is this okay?” Star asked.
“Yeah. Wow, you picked good!” Demon replied.
Demon and Star smiled at each other. “Let’s go get your ray gun.”
“This is gonna be cool to see what kinds of guns you guys have!”
“Yeah, there are a lot. Well, I haven’t been in there, but I’ve heard that there are a bunch.”
Demon led Star to another room down the hall. When they entered, Star’s jaw dropped.
There were ray guns hanging on the walls and propped on shelves. “Wow…” she said in awe.
“Yeah,” Demon said also in shock. “You should see the music studio Dr. Death has.”
“I’ll bet it’s pretty cool.”
“It is. So you can pick out any gun here, if you like any of the already made ones. But if you have something in mind that isn’t here, than we can make it.”
“Okay, sounds good.” Star walked around, surveying all the guns. She spotted one that was perfect for her.
The gun was black with two white stripes on the handle and said “TARDIS” in white on the barrel.
“I like this one,” Star said to Demon.
“It fits you,” Demon replied.
“So can I take it?”
They walked out of the room and went to the living room, where the Killjoys and Dr. Death were.
“Whoa, you look like one of us!” Ghoul said to Star.
“Really?” Star replied.
“Yup. That stuff really suits you.”
“So does anyone want to go down and play some music?” Party asked.
“Sure,” everyone said.
They all went down to the studio and started tuning their instruments.
“Do you play anything, Star?” Party asked.
“I play guitar,” Star replied.
“Cool! Me too!” Jet said.
“I play too,” Ghoul said.
“Awesome,” said Star.
They walked into the studio and Star’s jaw dropped. She stared at the instruments around the room. “Wow.”
“Yeah. So what kinds of music do you listen to?” Kobra asked.
“A lot. I like bands like Avenged Sevenfold, the Misfits, Iron Maiden, My Chemical Romance…”
“My Chemical Romance? What songs have you heard?” Demon asked.
“All of them! I used to have all of their albums, but they were taken by BL/Ind. So were my iPod and phone, which also had MCR on them…”
“Ouch. Well, you can listen to them all you want here.”
“Why is that?”
“’Cause we are My Chem,” Ghoul said.
“Wait… Really?”
“Yup. We can prove it.”
“We’ll play some stuff and you can see if we sound like them.”
“Okay. Let’s hear it, then.”
Party, Jet, Ghoul, Kobra, and Static got their instruments ready. Demon didn’t play, because then it wouldn’t actually be MCR. Static had to play, because he was the only drummer.
“For what you did to me, or what I’ll do to you. You get what everyone else gets; you get a lifetime!” Party sang. “Do you remember the day when we met you told me this gets harder; well it did. Been holding on forever, promise me that when I’ve gone, you’ll kill my enemies…”
That’s It’s Not A Fashion Statement, It’s A Deathwish by My Chemical Romance, Star thought.
With the final words, “I will be with you!” the song ended.
“So do you know that song?” Party asked.
“Yeah. It’s Not A Fashion Statement, It’s A Deathwith by My Chem. You guys sound a lot like them,” Star said.
“Like I said, we are MCR,” Ghoul said.
“Okay… I believe you now. So can I play some stuff with you guys?”
“Sure! Demon, join in too,” Kobra said. “We need an extra bassist.”
“Okay,” Star and Demon said. Star grabbed one of the guitars hanging on the wall, and tuned it. Demon got the bass she was playing earlier.
“So what song to you guys want to play?” Party asked.
“Um, I really don’t care,” Star said. “Maybe Welcome to the Black Parade?”
“Okay. You guys alright with that?”
“Yup,” everyone answered.
“One, two, three, four…”
Ghoul played the piano part on his guitar. Kobra and Demon joined in with their basses, and Party started singing. “When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a marching band…”
When the first part of the intro was over, Ghoul and Static joined in with the rhythm guitar and drums.
After a few minutes, with the final line of, “We’ll carry on!” they all felt the room shake.
“What the fuck was that?” Star exclaimed.

Chapter 9

“Shit, is it BL/Ind.?” Demon asked.
“Let’s hope not,” Dr. Death said.
“What should we do?” Star asked, putting her guitar away.
“Maybe go see if it’s Korse and his Dracs? I don’t know,” Ghoul said.
“That’s what we should do, then. But if it’s BL/Ind., why would the room shake?” Party asked.
“I don’t know. I thought that maybe it was just an earthquake, but it seemed like something else when I heard crashing upstairs after the shaking stopped,” Dr. Death said.
“Like someone was knocking down everything?” Ghoul asked.
“Let’s go, then.”
Ghoul headed up the stairs, Party, Kobra, Jet, Static, Star, Dr. Death, and Demon in tow.
He cracked open the door a bit, and immediately shut it.
“What’s out there?” Party asked.
“Dracs,” Ghoul answered.
“Get your guns out, guys.”
Everyone loaded their guns and got ready to shoot the Dracs.
“Did you see how many there were?” Kobra asked Ghoul.
“I don’t know, maybe six or seven. They’re just rummaging through everything.”
“What?” Dr. Death exclaimed. “Y’know, if they break anything–“
He winced as a crash was heard from the other side of the door.
“—it’s on your ass.”
“We know. We are gonna leave anyway, and we’re taking us with you,” Party said.
“Wait, why? I’m not going anywhere with you guys!”
“Well, it’s either that or going to BL/Ind. with the Dracs.”
Dr. Death thought about that. “Fine. But it’s only because I have no other option.”
“Let’s get out there and kick some Draculoid ass, shall we?” Ghoul said.
“We shall,” Party said.
Ghoul shoved the door open and started shooting at the Dracs. Party and the other Killjoys followed and did the same.
There were at least a dozen Dracs in the diner. One by one they fell, facing their much-anticipated death.
After all was said and done, the Killjoys looked around the room, shocked that it wasn’t burnt down. There were some pictures that fell off the walls and some stuff thrown off the shelves, but no critical damage. There were a few broken plates, which was the crashing that Dr. Death heard.
“Well, should we clean this up or ditch?” Jet asked.
“We should pack some stuff and ditch,” Party said.
“I guess I can’t take my studio with me, can I?” Dr. Death asked sadly.
“Sorry this happened, Dr. Death. We tried not to let this happen, but it did. Can we repay you in any way?” Kobra asked.
“Yeah. You could let me take some of my records and maybe an instrument or two.”
“Okay, but we shouldn’t take a lot. Maybe a guitar and some drum sticks, and a few records, but nothing more.”
“Okay, good.” Dr. Death went back down the stairs, going to get some things.
“Well, there goes another place, torn apart by those brainwashed freaks,” Static said.
“Yep,” Kobra said sadly.
Dr. Death came walking up the stairs a few minutes later with an acoustic guitar, a pair of drum sticks, and a few records by the Beatles, Iron Maiden, and the Misfits.
They all silently walked out of the diner, got into the cars, and drove away, looking for another place to stay away from the Dracs.